Transport for cats

Inexpensive and fast cat transfer

Are you about to make a household move? Have you arranged a vet's appointment? Are you travelling for a few days and don't have room to take your cat with you? For those situations where you don't have the time or availability, we can help you transport your pet safely and reliably.


Transporting cats is not as easy as it seems. For them, as well as for other animals, it can be stressful. Exposure to environments, people and movements can affect each cat differently.

Knowing this, at Taximaskota we take into account the age, breed and condition of each pet entrusted to us. We request health certificates and ask all our clients about the special needs of their cats, so, in short, we will take care of your pet as much as you would.

Does your pet like to travel in a spacious cabin with a special kennel? Surely the answer would be yes. In any case, we have the necessary tools to make every trip, no matter how short it is, taking your cat as comfortably as possible.

We equip our vehicles with special cages, which have soakers for urine and humidity, which we check and change at every scheduled stop.

As part of our preparations for the conditioning of our trips, we make sure that the temperature and noise inside the animal’s cabin are regulated.

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Depending on your location and the travel plan you have in mind for your pet, we will adapt and provide you with the alternatives you consider necessary.

From a short trip through the city centre to a domestic flight, you can count on Taximaskota to start the transfer. If you require any special documentation, we will assist you in making the necessary arrangements so that there are no obstacles to prevent your cat from being transported.

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Thank you for trusting our cat delivery service.


How do we transport the cats?

Pets and cats are transported in special carriers, taking into account the size and weight of each cat, with exceptions that will be carried with a harness and without any cage.

Means of transport for cats

In domestic cat transport, the common practice is to transport the cat by road unless a quicker delivery is required and we opt for transport by plane.

Price of cat transport

The price of sending cats can vary depending on the destination, how many cats we have to send and even if it is by road or air. You can request a quote here.

Breeds of cats being transported

Unlike other companies, at TaxiMaskota we take care of sending any cat breed, whether it is a common cat, a Bengali cat or even a Russian Blue cat.

Places where we send cats

No matter where you need to transport your cat to, we ship worldwide, from Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angelkes or even to Australia.

Transport documentation

To be able to move any cat, you will have to provide us with the documentation of veterinary card, microchip, and if necessary the necessary medicines for their health.