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Economical and fast poultry transport

Do you have a pet bird? If so, you've probably come here looking for information on who can help you take it from one place to another when you can't. Taximaskota is not limited to any type of animal, but we adapt to its peculiarities. That is why we transport birds safely and reliably to the point you mark us.


Birds, both domestic and falconry, are intelligent and sensitive creatures. Some species are more complex than you might think, and as the owner of one, you probably know what we mean.

For this reason, and supported by our extensive experience in sending pets, we take care of taking the birds entrusted to us to another location and make them feel at home.


After years of experience in the transport of falconry birds such as Peregrine Falcons, Harris Eagles and even Gerifaltes, we are a company that has the necessary means to provide a good service and guarantee a good journey.


We transport domestic birds, such as birds, parakeets, macaws, cockatoos and parrots, adapting special cages with adequate ventilation and large enough to stretch their limbs and head without risk of injury or discomfort.

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Our transport vehicles are adapted to the needs of each pet, understanding every indication you give us and respecting the departure and arrival times at all times.

We measure the temperature from time to time to keep the birds covered and protected, which is an important factor in their well-being at the time of transfer.

We make sure that they are not affected by the external noise of the road, or the city or town where we are moving, to relieve their stress due to the change of location.

We clean the cages at every stop, handling the birds with gentle movements as they are taken out and put back in.

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How do we transport the birds?

They will be transported individually in crates prepared with astroturf and a suitable height so that the tail does not touch the ground and arrives perfectly at its destination and without problems.

Means of transport for birds

In an adapted vehicle or by plane, everything will depend on the speed required, the delivery and collection destination, what we can guarantee is that you will receive your bird of prey as if it were coming out of its nest.

Rates and prices of transport of birds of prey

As with most pet shipments, it will depend on the distance we have to travel, the birds we have to transport and the means by which they are sent, but you can ask for an estimate.

Types of birds we transport

From the friendly and famous American Kestrels, one of the smallest birds of prey, to the shipment of Golden Eagles and let’s not forget Parrots, Cockatoos and other exotic birds.

Places where we send birds

From all over the peninsula we transport birds, arriving in Portugal our neighbouring country and crossing borders to send birds of prey to countries where falconry is very important.

Documentation for bird transport

In order to transport the birds it is compulsory to present copies of documentation such as CITES and other personal data, if this documentation is impossible for us to carry out the service.