In your daily life as a pet owner, it is normal that you need to take your pet to the vet, second home or even to the groomer. And if you find it difficult to take care of your pet, we are here to help you by having your pet travel with you or in the company of our team.

No matter where you plan to transport with Taximaskota, we prepare with the articles and tools that will help your pet to travel with the best experience.

From comfortable and specialized cages for each type of animal to health checks and grooming, we make sure to keep everything under control to have a smooth and fast trip.

And, of course, we keep in touch with you to indicate the required medication, health records, collar and leash and contact numbers to let you know in real time during the course of the trip from departure to the end.

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We know that your pet is an important part of your life, so you need to look for a carrier that, in addition to fitting your budget, will provide a timely and comfortable journey to its destination.

The distance of the journey and possible special requirements play an important role when quoting a pet transport service. Luckily for you, we have fixed rates to specific locations with all the variations to take into account, such as day and time.

Our work

Thank you for trusting in our national pet shipping service.


How do we make the transports?

With vehicles prepared for transport with a special harness or cage and always with temperature control of the vehicle. Stops every 2 hours for the comfort of the pets, cleaning of their comfort zone and water to drink and cool down.

Means of transport

In domestic cat transport, the common practice is to transport the cat by road unless a quicker delivery is required and we opt for transport by plane.

Price for domestic pet transport

We have fixed rates for the transport of pets in Bilbao and Vizcaya. Here, and for national services we can give you a personalised estimate without obligation.

Types of pets that are transported

We send all kinds of pets, such as dogs, from the smallest to the largest, cats, exotic birds, birds of prey, ferrets, reptiles and rodents.

Places to send pets

Within the national territory we send your pet to any point of the country, we also give the option of picking up at the airport or specialized animal centres.

Documentation for transport

In order to make any shipment or transport of a pet, you will have to present all the documentation of accreditation as its veterinary card or the Cites in case of the birds.