International Pet Transport

Fast and economical aeroplane transfer

Would you like to take your pet everywhere in a short time? The solution is to choose the transport by plane, with which your dog, cat or bird will be moved from one point to another with the comfort and security that we offer in Taximaskota.


No matter if you have a pit bull puppy or Australian parakeets, we carefully plan every shipment that is ordered from us, so that the pets have a trouble-free journey.

We make sure we have all the documentation for your pet, such as its passport, for example. In addition, we ask you for health certificates and legal vaccinations that guarantee their well-being at all times.

If you need to transport your pet quickly, the best option is to choose air transport, as it could turn hours on the road into just minutes, depending on the distance from the point of departure and arrival. 

envios internacionales de mascotas


Would you like your pet to travel in a cabin? We provide you with several options of IATA-approved kennels, an essential requirement for the journey.

If your pet weighs more than 8 kg including carrier, do not worry, as it will travel in special depressurised and air-conditioned holds, accompanied by a special hostess to attend to pets when necessary.

Nuestros vuelos

Gracias a vosotros por confiar en nuestro servicio aéreo. 


¿Con qué compañías trabajamos?

Nos encargamos de buscar la mejor opción de vuelo para ese momento y dependiendo de las necesidades de cada cliente y mascota que se transporte, solemos trabajar con Iberia, American Airlines, Air Canada entre otras.

Precio de transporte internacional

Dependerá de la fecha del vuelo, el horario en el que se quiera entregar la mascota y sobre todo la ruta que tengamos que hacer para completar el servicio, por eso lo mejor es pedir un presupuesto.

How do pets travel?

We have the option of travelling in the cabin with a companion or we can transport them in the hold in an approved kennel and also with the company of their carer.

Documentation for transport

In all shipments and transport of animals must be attached documentation of the animal as the owner of it, this documentation will vary depending on the pet and the race to which it belongs.